What’s it gonna take?!

TEAMWORK! Great classes this week! Whether our dancers were working on their upcoming shows or learning a new step, our dancers were amazing! Thank you for doing your best!

I see you – helping a new dancer, being a friend, giving extra encouragement, being part of a team, knowing when to be a leader, smiling – Great effort and teamwork!

THIS WEEK! Don’t forget to:

  • Tell your friends about our school
    • We would love new friends to join us!
  • Vote! Bring to class or email to Trea!
    • IN YOUR CLASS/DAY VOTES (not someone in another class or TAs who help your class)(dancers in more than one class can cast their vote for both classes, write which day next to each name).

Hardest Worker

Most Friendliest/Helpful


ALL SCHOOL VOTES: (doesn’t have to be in your class)

 –School Spirit Awardmust have very good attendance at community performances (not only all-school performances) and classes, positive attitude and actions, pride in our school, a TEAM player, willingness to listen and learn from teachers and peers.

– Most Improved Dancer Award: must have danced for a full year, has shown marked improvement in skills, attitude, and leadership.

– Best Sportsmanship: shows strong team leadership skills through words and actions, is courteous, good manners, positive attitude towards other dancers, families, teacher, and audience