When does the dance year begin and end?

Our dance year season runs from September through May, similar to the school year and a summer session. Dancers above the Beginner 1 level sign up for the season. Beginners have a mini session option throughout the year, with each Beginner session is about 5 weeks. You can always check our calendar online for the latest information.

How do I register?

Our registration form is available online. Please see our JOIN US page.

What are the fees?

The tuition schedule show the fees for the current year. Please see our JOIN US page.

What does your beginning dancer need for their first class?

Beginners may start Irish dance using the soft soled starter ballet shoe that can usually be found at a shoe store, dance store, online, or thrift store. Beginners may also use Irish dance shoes but these are not required for class at their level. Dancers may dance in socks to start. Dancers should wear shorts and a t-shirt for all their lessons. The instructor needs to see the dancers knees and ankles. Academy wear is available for purchase. We recommend that you bring your own water bottle to class if desired. When ready for Irish Dance shoes, please email Trea directly to be properly fitted. The school usually keeps most sizes and styles in stock.

Can I watch my dancer at class?

It is our policy that all parents wait outside of the room where lesson are being given. This reduces the amount of disruption allowing teachers to maximize their teaching time. There are viewing windows to watch.

What is your policy on snow days or severe weather?

We notify parents and students via email if class is cancelled or if going online. Dancers who need to miss their regular class can join us for a make up class with the same or below level class the following week.

Do I need to perform, compete, or buy a costume?

No. It is an individual decision, we do recommend to join us in performing once they have their first steps ready. No matter whether you compete or dance recreationally, all students will receive excellent instruction on proper dance form and technique. All dancers are respected equally at our Academy. We have a costume rental for those who perform and/or compete.

Do you offer online classes during COVID-19?

Yes! Visit our ‘Join Us’ tab and you can sign up for drop in classes or a session to stay active and have some fun during this time.We continue to use our Zoom option if someone in your household is ill, poor weather conditions, makeup classes, and for your convenience.

Qualifications & Certifications

Trea Champagne T.C.R.G. (Gaelic Teagascóir Choimisiúin le Rinci Gaelacha) is a proud member, vetted, and registered with An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha (Irish Dancing Commission)  Dublin, IRE (CLRG), the Irish Dance Teacher’s Association of North America (IDTANA), and the Irish Dance Teachers Association of Mid-America (IDTAMA). The Champagne Academy of Irish Dance is the only certified school & teacher based in the state of Iowa with many dancers commuting a 30-120 minutes one way radius.

Further questions?

We are friendly folk. Please don’t hesitate to ask. Feel free to email us! We are happy to answer your questions.